Winghaus Bowen Hills Has Officially Opened

We gotta ask you something: what’s the secret sauce for a good time? Obviously it can vary person to person. But if, for you, it’s sports, beers, chicken wings, and literal flavourful, finger-licking sauces, we know just the place to go! Get rockin’ and rollin’ with Winghaus: a sports-themed diner serving up wings with all the hot rubs, sauces, and dips you could ever dream of!
Our newest restaurant, Winghaus Bowen Hills,has officially opened, and we want to invite you to the launch party, perfectly timed for the most exciting time of year! Oh, what fun it is to fill yourself up on addictively good food and refreshing drinks this holiday season. No need to be stressed about where you can go that will serve quality food while also allowing you to watch the game. We’ve got 20 massive screens set up all over the place, so sports and beer fanatics alike can come make themselves at home here!
Need we say more? Get together with your loved ones and spice things up with a pinch of silliness this season, complete with a helping of delectable treats by the platterful. Read on to find out how Winghaus can elevate even the most ordinary New Year’s Eve and EOY celebrations with their exciting Bowen hills grand opening:

End The Year With A Bangin’ Winghaus Feed

Beer, wings, and sports… could there be a better possible way to celebrate Christmas? Didn’t think so! And just when you thought that was all, how about actually being rewarded for bringing your circle to Winghaus? If you book a table for a group of 10 people or more, you’ll receive an $100 voucher! More wings and beers for the table, please, and keep them comin’!
Take your end-of-year traditions to the next level with Winghaus’ ultimate festive offerings! The rotating menu of wing dressings, together with the 40 brews on tap we have in house, are sure to be a hit with your crowd, no matter who you bring!
But wait, because we’re only just getting started! Bring on the huge burgers, nachos, hot chips, onion rings, pretzels, and potato gems to really keep the party going. We also make the perfect summer hideout, bringing you food, drinks, and entertainment in equal measure. Visit us from December to February for all the best sporting events in the country!

Wing In The New Year At Winghaus Bowen Hills

Get a head start on 2023 and plan an epic end to this year by reserving a table at Winghaus’ brand-new Bowen Hills location!
Yes, there is no such thing as a perfect new year, but you haven’t seen anything until you’ve treated yourself to our food and drinks menu. Get your taste buds ready for our 40 tap brews on offer, enormous, sauce-slathered wings, and mouth-tingling burgers.
Also, we’re situated right on King Street, smack dab in the middle of Brisbane, which means…a front-row seat for the fireworks display! This is a show that only comes once a year, so pull up a chair and watch the fireworks spectacular as you kiss 2022 goodbye! Besides, everyone knows that the only thing better than wishing everyone a ‘happy new year’ at the stroke of midnight is doing it with some hot wings and a beer in your hand!

Start The New Year Off Right

This is the second Winghaus restaurant, after Edward Street, located in Brisbane. Now, you have two ideal locations in town to sit back and relax while being served ridiculously delicious food and drinks that can’t be topped by anybody else! Make a reservation with us right away, and don’t forget to invite your mates…because excellent food deserves even more excellent company.
Click here for more details on what’s on, group bookings, and more at the Winghaus.
*Winghaus practices the responsible service of alcohol. RSA applies.  
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