Hear us out: the best times don’t have to involve huge nights out that cost your whole paycheck. 2023 is the year of bringing the fun home! With the right formula: some tasty food, mixed with great company, even an ordinary day at home can feel like the time of your life! Having a movie night with the fam or challenging your mates to an intense board game night? Whatever floats your boat, ramp it up a level with a table full of the best food in town with Winghaus!
Forget about cooking responsibilities, because Winghaus takeaway and delivery will get everything you crave straight to you—literally from our haus to yours! Check out our takeaway menu: we know you’ll love our burgers, bursting with flavour, and cooked to tender perfection. Or, if you’d rather just wing it, we have our legendary chicken wings dipped in your choice of sauce, available with a side of fries and a cold one. All that and more are available when you choose us for your next takeout dinner!
So, kick back and relax, because Winghaus is flying straight to you with Winghaus takeaway! Continue reading to know more about our takeaway and delivery service:

Order Winghaus Burgers Online Loaded with Savoury Goodness

When we say, “we’ve the goods,” we’re talking about burgers stuffed to the gills with only the freshest meat, vegetables and sauces. If you like burgers, you’ll be in heaven when you see what we have on our takeaway menu!
Choose between Cheese Deluxe and Classic Cheese for your cheesy fix: both come with Angus beef, onions, lettuce, pickles, and our secret sauce. On the lookout for something juicy and crunchy? Our Bacon Project makes for a very satisfying, hearty option. With Angus beef, bacon, cheese, pickles, mustard, and our own special sauce, you get the best of both worlds in every bite.
Classichaus is, of course, a true classic. This one is packed with spiced chicken breast, and made even tastier with pickles and garlic sauce. Can you handle some heat? Then go for the Chookhaus burger, with our secret spiced chicken breast, habanero hot sauce, cheese, coleslaw, pickles, and Texas BBQ sauce. Get your hands around some of our buns: you won’t regret it.

Throw a Party Anytime With Winghaus’ Combos & Shared Meals

Stressed about catering? No problem! With Winghaus takeaway, the flock of people you’ve invited will never go hungry! Order a Friday Night Feast, Wing Feast or Burger Feast—all of which include burgers, chicken wings, or both! The more, the merrier!
Sharing is caring, but Winghaus is so good that you might just want something to call your own. Put on your favourite flick while you enjoy one of our combo meals. We’ve got the Cheese Deluxe Combo, Bacon Project Combo, Classichaus Combo, 10-PC Wing Pack, 20-PC Wing Pack and more! Whether you’re on #TeamBurger or #TeamWings, both are winners in our eyes.

Choose Your Wings, Sauces & Sides

We’re called Winghaus for a reason: we have the best chicken wings around! Get the perfect combination of tenderness and crunch by choosing between our Boneless Wings, Classic Wings and Southern Fried Wings. Then, indulge your taste buds with various sauces and dips like ketchup, honey mustard, chipotle mayo, garlic, haus sauce and more!
You can also fiinsh off your Winghaus meal with a selection of incredible sides, such as coleslaw, onion rings, mash and gravy, and, of course, hot chips!

From Our Haus to Yours: Order Online with Winghaus!

You heard it here first: Winghaus Takeaway is here, and here in a big way! Order online and eat some insanely delicious Winghaus food right at home. Click here to know more about our service, menu, and events.
*Winghaus practices the responsible service of alcohol. RSA applies.
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